Whether it’s simply time for an upgrade or you are about to build or extend, the kitchen is considered the most important room in the house, so it is worth exploring all your options and give yourself the time to establish your taste and needs.  You want to achieve a room that is not only practical and safe, but also a pleasure to live and work in.

The kitchen is not only the most complex room to design, it also tends to take up the greatest proportion of your construction budget, so where do you start?


It is worth looking at as many pictures from magazines, blogs and sites such as Pinterest orHouzz, to build a selection of likes and dislikes that will help you to express your style and give you a few ideas and help you establish what needs to be done.

Assess Your Space

What is it about the current space that isn’t working? Do you need more space – for storage or workspace? How many people are using the space? Do you like to cook, entertain, bake? Where will people sit? Start thinking about the layout before getting distracted by the finishes. Is there enough space for range cooker you always wanted?


Can you afford what you want within your budget? Have you accounted for all costs? Even if you are just replacing the existing kitchen units, you will more than likely also need to repaint your walls.  Does your existing kitchen floor run under the existing units? If not, you may need to replace it, or you will be limiting yourself with new layout options.

A contingency is also important to allow for any unforeseen costs or unwelcome surprises that may arise from renovating a house.


If you do not have architectural plans, make sure you take the time to draw your layout accurately. You can follow our step by step guide on How to Measure Your Room.


Does the new appliance you’ve seen have the delay timer you depend on? It is worth going through your routine to establish what you need. Don’t assume the new appliance will automatically have the same functions you currently have. It is worth getting expert advice on the best appliances for your lifestyle and budget.


You’ve saved the pictures, established your style and know the type of kitchen you want. The finishes vary in price, so the materials you choose will have an impact on the final quotation.  So what sort of details do you need to pick out?

  • The door type, style and finish
  • The carcass, or cabinet interior finish
  • Handles and Knobs
  • Worktop material
  • Sink and Tap
  • Splashback or wall tiles
  • Interior fittings, such as pull-out baskets, larders or bins

In the room itself:

  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Wall colours
  • Matching furniture such as the dining table and chairs, barstools for an island or breakfast bar
  • Soft furnishing, blinds etc.

Once you have worked out all the details of what you want, it will be easier to get consistent quotes for your project and help the process to run smoothly. What part of planning for your new kitchen do you find the most daunting?

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