Renovating your kitchen can be a stressful time but the more you can prepare in advance, the easier the process will be.  Are you planning to live in the house while the work takes place? If so, it is worth setting up a temporary kitchen, even if you are planning to eat out, you may still want to make a cup of tea.

Have you considered how the noise and disruption will affect your pets? Is there a safe place for them to hide, or have you got a friend or family member that can take them for the duration of the renovation?

Prepare the Room

Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets is an ideal time to de-clutter and get rid of anything you don’t use. Keep the items for your temporary kitchen within easy reach, then pack the remaining items into labelled boxes. You can use the floor plan of your new kitchen to organise what goes into what box and make unpacking into your new kitchen easy.

Remove everything from the room, and surrounding rooms if possible to minimise the dusting afterwards. If you can’t empty out the nearby rooms, then cordon them off and cover everything.  Make sure to lock away any valuables, as there will be many people in and out of the house.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen

When packing up your kitchen, put aside the items you use regularly such as your kettle, toaster, microwave, a few cups and glasses, a few dishes and cutlery.  You will also need a basin, washing up liquid and a few tea towels to wash up. Consider where your closest water source will be, if it is the bathroom upstairs, set up your temporary kitchen in a nearby room.

Who’s Doing What?

Upon placing your order, establish who is responsible for each aspect of the project, such as who is responsible for removing the old kitchen and who is removing the debris/hiring the skip?

Are the kitchen company arranging the necessary professionals, such as the plumber, electrician or tiler? If you have arranged your own team, it is important to make sure they all co-ordinate to avoid delays.

How Long Will It Take?

It is generally recommended to have the floor fitted before the kitchen cabinets are installed. The kitchen company will advise you on how long it will take to fit the kitchen.  If you have chosen a granite or quartz worktop, there will generally be a delay of about a week after the units are installed before the worktop is fitted, as the stone suppliers can only template for the worktop once the cabinets are installed.

Avoid Delays

Ensure you have finalised and ordered all necessary finishes before the renovation begins, and make sure any items you have taken responsibility for are delivered in full, undamaged and ready for installation when they are needed.

Make sure you are contactable during the renovation for any on-site questions, and resist making any changes on site to the design as this will alter your finish date and overall budget.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

Mistakes may happen, but most are easily fixed if handled early enough.  Once the kitchen has been installed, check through everything and make a snag list of anything that needs to be completed or repaired.  Email the list to the company and ask for a date of completion.

Generally you will have a payment due on completion, so it is in everyone’s interest to finish the job, even if it takes a couple of visits.

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